About Us

Korean American Center is a subsidiary organization of Korean Community Services (코리안 복지 센터), based in Buena Park.

Our History:  

The Korean American Center of Orange County, 오렌지카운티 한미문화센터 was founded in 2013 as Meetup.com group that first met on July 9, 2013. In 2015, the group formalized into a non-profit organization to build a stronger connection in the community by promoting Korean language and culture. In 2018, Korean American Center merged with the Korean Community Services in Buena Park to become the largest organization in Orange County serving the Korean American community.

In May 2018 Korean American Received designation as a King Sejong Institute by the S. Korean government. As a designated King Sejong Institute, we can prove greater support to Korean learners and build a stronger pipeline of Korean teachers.