Past Programs

Korean Through K-Pop


Korean American Center is offering a special three week “Learn Korean Through K-Pop” class. This Korean class is designed to expand your Korean language skills through music in a fun and entertaining way. Classes will be held on Tuesdays beginning June 5, 2018 from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM in Irvine. 

K-Pop, short for Korean pop, is a style of music originating from South Korea. It is the one of the fastest growing trend in the world that connects people to the Korean culture.

If you LOVE any of these K-Pop artists, then you will LOVE this Korean language class!girls-generation-Learn-Korean_Through-K-Pop-Class

  • BTS
  • F(x)
  • JYP
  • 2AM
  • GOT7
  • EXO
  • Girl’s Generation
  • IOI
  • and so much more!!

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Newport Beach Film Festival Korean Spotlight & After Party

The Korean American Center is proud to partner with the Newport Beach film festival to present THE KOREAN SPOTLIGHT FILM and Pacific Rim Spotlight After Party on Monday, April 24th

Film: THE QUEEN OF CRIME (범죄의여왕)  8:00 – 9:45 PM at Edwards Big Newport Beach  (All Ages)

Open Bar After Party (21+ older only): 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM at:

Design Within Reach

3303 Hyland Ave C-1,

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The Newport Beach Film Festival’s Pacific Rim Showcase Party, celebrating the best in Australian and Asian Filmmaking. Hosted by Design Within Reach, enjoy tastings from Orange County’s premier restaurants and refreshments provided by Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

This is a 21+ event, outdoor event.
Cocktail attire is strongly encouraged and coats or jackets are recommended.

FRIENDS OF KAC can get $5 off the price of tickets by going here:

Tickets can be picked up at willcall at 7pm

Youth Summer Korean Immersion Program

한국어    Registration Now Closed  for Summer 2017 Youth Korean Language Immersion Program for Middle & High School Students. 

The Korean American Center will host a Youth Korean immersion program for middle and high school students at various skill levels. No experience required. The program is designed to build comprehensive language skills and improve students’ knowledge of Korean through fun and engaging classroom immersion. Through 21st century teaching and learning, students will learn real world application of Korean language. Instruction will be provided on all four language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening); with an emphasis on increasing students’ speaking and listening comprehension abilities.


The program will be designed for learners going into the 8th through 12 grades in the fall of 2017.  These students possess varying degrees of language proficiency from novice to intermediate, will gain literacy; expand their reading skills and comprehension, and increase their speaking and listening skills. Class size will be limited. 

This program will run for 3 weeks (Jun 19, 2017 – July 7, 2017), Monday through Friday from 1:30PM – 4:30PM. No class on July 4th.

Price:  $425 + $10 Material Fee. (25% off of 2nd child).

This program will focus on students being able to:

  1. experience Korean language immersion in the classroom
  2. communicate in Korean in real-world circumstances,
  3. use vocabulary learned from real-world contexts,
  4. understand impact traditional culture and values has on the language.
  5. foster an appreciation of their Korean cultural heritage and instill a sense of pride in their dual heritage.

Class size will be limited to only a small number of students. 


미주 한인 2, 3세 중학교와 고등학교 학생들을 위한 2017 KAC 여름 한국어 교실

한미 문화원센터 (KAC) 다가오는 2017년 여름, 한인 2, 3세 중학교와 고등학교 학생들을 위한 한국어 심화 교실을 열려고 한다. KAC 한국어 수업은 포괄적인 언어 능력을 기르고 학생들의 한국어에 대한 지식을 집중력있게 쌓을 수 있도록 고안되었다. 이 프로그램은 언어 학습을 위한 세계 용이성 기준에 맞춰져 있으며, 자신의 말하기, 듣기, 읽기, 쓰기 능력을 기르고 싶어하는 초급부터 중급 정도의 한국어 실력을 가진 한인 2, 3세 고등학생들을 위한 교실이다. 학생 모집 인원은 제한적임.

이 프로그램은 3 주간(2017년 6월 19일부터 2017년 7월 7일까지) 진행될 것이며, 월요일부터 금요일, 오후 1시30분부터 오후 4시 30분까지 진행된다.

이 프로그램은 다음과 같은 부분에 초점을 두고 있다.

  1. 교실에서의 한국어 집중 강화 교실 경험
  2. 실생활에서 한국어를 통한 의사소통
  3. 실제 상황에서 일어나는 문맥을 통한 어휘 습득
  4. 전통 문화와 가치가 언어이 미치는 영향을 이해
  5. 한국 문화 유산에 대한 이해를 고취시키고, 이중 정체성에 대한 자부심을 불어넣기

한국어 559-906-9684
영어 949-535-3338


KAC To Host Korean Traditional Music Performance (한국 전통음악 공연)

The Korean American Center is proud to host a traditional music performance on Saturday, January 7, 2017.  Musicians from the Korean National Gugak Center (국립국악원) in Seoul will perform Haegeum (해금) and Geomungo (거문고) for this one time special event. Admission is free to the public.

Featured performers: Sun Kyung Yoo,  Haeyeon Yun,  Seongki Lee

About This Performance:

The National Gugak Center 국립국악원 (Formerly: National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts) is the governing body established to preserve and promote traditional Korean performing arts.

The haegeum is a traditional string instrument and is one of the most widely used instruments in Korean music. The haegeum is used in court music as well as madangnori (ordinary people’s music). The haegeum’s range of expression is various despite having only two strings, with sounds ranging from sorrowful and sad to humorous. The haegeum is made using eight materials: gold, rock, thread, bamboo, gourd, soil, leather, and wood, and so it is called paleum (eight sounds).

The geomungo is a traditional six-stringed zither type instrument. The instrument originated some time during in the 4th century during the Gogryeo Dynasty period. Due to its characteristically percussive sound and vigorous playing technique it is thought of as a more “masculine” instrument than the 12-string gayageum (another Korean zither); both instruments, however, are played by both male and female performers.


Irvine Civic Center, City Council Chambers (Irvine City Hall)
1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606

Event Time:

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (Performance will begin exactly at 4:00, so please arrive early to ensure seating.)

ADMISSION IS FREE, but tickets can be obtained here

This event is a private reservation of Korean American Center and is not endorsed or sponsored by the City of Irvine.