Unlock the Riches of Korean Culture and Heritage!

🔜 UPCOMING Classes: 📚

Korean American Center Irvine King Sejong Institute invites you to free Korean culture class sessions until the end of Spring semester. Here are the details about the session:

1.  부처님 오신날과 전등만들기  < Buddha’s Birthday and Making Lantern >


   * When: Wednesday, May 15th, 8:00 PM PDT 

   * Location: KOREAN AMERICAN CENTER, 20 Truman St, Suite #101, Irvine, CA 

   * Teacher: 백금선(Sunny Peak)

All classes are in person classes, so we need your RSVP.

* Description: Are you interested in Korean culture? If so, we can study together about Buddha’s birthday in our cultural class. Buddhism, along with Christianity, is one of the two main religions of South Korea. In Korean culture, Buddha’s birthday is celebrated as a national holiday. What do Korean people typically do on Buddha’s birthday? Let’s explore Buddha within the context of Korean culture and create a lantern with your wish.  

2. 한국인의 주거 생활; 병풍 만들기 

< Korean residetial lifestyle and culture; Making a small folding screen >

   * When: Wednesday, May 29th, 5:40-6:20 pm PDT

   * Location: KOREAN AMERICAN CENTER, 20 Truman St, Suite #101, Irvine, CA 

   * Teacher: 박민희(Minhee Park)


* Description: The topic of this class is knowing traditional Korean domestic lifestyle and culture. Part of this topic includes; knowledge about 병풍(folding screen) and making a small병풍. You can make a beautiful folding screen by choosing one of the old Korean paintings, Sagunja( paintings of the mewha, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo in Korean traditional painting) or Chochungdo(paintings of plants and insects). You can experience Korean beautiful domestic lifestyle and culture by making a decorative folding screen.  All materials needed to make a decorative folding screen are provided by Irvine King Sejong Institute.  

Please RSVP at least 24 hours prior.

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