Language Exchange 언어교환 대화연습 모임


The Korean American Center of Orange County offers a FREE semi-monthly English/Korean language exchange program that promotes Korean and English language learning through sharing.

Our program connects non-native speakers of Korean together with Native Korean speakers to develop language proficiency, especially in speaking fluency and listening comprehension.  The program is designed for Korean learners who want to have a Korean language dialogue with native Korean speakers, but are also willing to spend time speaking English in order to help native Korean speakers practice their English.

Language exchanges are a helpful tool to not only aid in language learning, but provides exposure to and sharing of cultures.

Effective January 4th,  2024, we will meet on every Thursday of every month 7PM-(PM.

Korean/English Language Exchange every Thursday from 7:00PM to 8:50PM in Irvine. 외국인을 상대로 영어 회화를 연습해요.

Our program is open to everyone and all levels of speaking proficiency. Whether you a non-native Korean speakers who can  together some Korean for 10 minutes, or an advanced level Korean speaker who wants to tighten up your Korean Language skills, this program is right for you.

The key thing is that you are also willing to help native Korean speakers practice their English.

SAMPLE SEQUENCE for Language Exchange (순서):

  • 7pm Arrival/Grouping 10 min. 오후 7시 도착/그룹 편성 10분
  • 1st session 20 min. (Korean only) 첫째 시간 20분 (한국어 만)
  • 2nd session 20 min. (English only) 둘째 시간 20분 (영어 만)
  • 7:50pm Break 10 min. 오후 7시 50분 휴식 10분
  • 8pm Second Half 오후 8시 후반전
  • 3rd session 20 min. (Korean only) 셋째 시간 20분 (한국어 만)
  • 4th session 20 min. (English only) 넷째 시간 20분 (영어 만)
  • 8:40pm End 오후 8시 40분 끝

The sequence of the language exchange will vary based upon the number of attendees, skill level of speakers, the ratio of Korean speakers to Native English speakers, etc.

Please check out Our Calendar to confirm time and location.

Contact Informaion: Darryl Hawkins <> or Kazuho Baba <>