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Korean American Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Korean language and culture. In keeping with our mission, we have a formal Korean language program to serve the needs of the community in Orange County. Our program perfectly suited for those with absolutely no Korean experience to those who have a Korean language background.

We are THE ONLY secular adult Korean language program in Orange County that is run and operated by people with a background in Korean. Proceeds from our Korean language program helps fund the organization and allow us to bring cultural programs to the community.



thumnailWe have designed our classes especially for busy adults. All our classes are taught by professional native Korean instructors. We provide a comprehensive and practical approach to learning Korean that combines a strong balance of grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

All classes are 90 minutes and last for 10 week, with the exception of Korean Fundamentals, which is 8 weeks. We also offer a 2 week class for those only interested in only learning the Korean alphabet (Hangul) or those wanting to brush up on their reading skills. Through our Meetup.com group, we offer students additional opportunities to practice speaking at no additional cost every Thursdays from 7:00 PM – 8:50 PM.

Please go to our Korean Class Information page for more details.

Our private lessons is a great option for those learners who:
• Prefer one-on-one lessons rather than being in a class with other students.
• Are not available during regular class times.
• Need flexible scheduling.
• Want to augment existing classes.
• Preparing for Korean SAT® Subject Test
• Preparing for TOPIK test.

All private lessons are for 60 minutes and held at our office. We offer packages of four, six, or eight hourly sessions. Click here for more information about our private lessons and to purchase packages.

learningAccording to the Society of Human Resources, foreign language ability may be the final barrier to global corporate expansion. Whether companies partner with international firms, open offices abroad or simply strive to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, their ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming a strategic business imperative.

Whether you need foreign language training for a few individuals or an entire workforce, looking to provide training to employees for general cross cultural training, or to identify potential candidates for overseas assignments, KAC can help.  KAC can partner with your company to build a customized program to meet the strategic goals of your company.  Corporate group training programs can be held at your company’s site or at our offices. 

Pre-Employment Korean Language Skill Verification: Need to hire, but unsure of your candidate’s Korean language skills? If so, we can help. As part of your company’s hiring process, our native Korean speaking teachers can assess your candidates Korean language skills through either a phone screen or face to face onsite. 

Korean Language Translation Services: Whether you are a large corporation, small businesses, healthcare providers, not-for-profit organization, or law firm, we can help with any subtitling and localization projects.  We can translate official documents for consulates, immigration offices and schools including academic records, birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce papers, conduct records, and other such documents.

For more information, please contact us directly at info@KoreanAmericanCenter.org to discuss your specific needs. 

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